The Little Prince

The most recent of the three, by far. This is a Netflix Original, so of course it’s going to be good, but little did I know how this movie would throw my life into turmoil.

Yeah, I don’t really know what to tell you. The Little Prince is for sure a lot more “Disney” or whatnot than the others like it. The ground plot, about a girl and her mother, is lovely but nothing life-changing. The parts that really stuck to me were the parts with the real story, about the prince. To be fair that is the technically unoriginal part, from the book, but it’s so beautifully animated and voiced that it is completely and fully worth watching.

Again, the trailer doesn’t really do it justice, at all. There is some stunning French-sounding music in there, too, and plenty of wholesome life lessons suitable for Netflix’s “family and children” category. Great for adults too, I swear.


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