Fantasy · Sci-Fi

Mr. Nobody

Yes, what a jewel of a movie. Jared Leto in his prime (cough, cough, don’t make me talk about Suicide Squad, cough,) and somehow one of the most original plots by a long shot that I’ve seen in a modern movie. Not based on a book or anything, as far as I know.

Mr. Nobody is about time travel, decisions, and has a killer soundtrack of 40s and 50s music as well as some modern pieces. When I saw it for the first time, I felt like this movie understood me more than any human ever has. Something terribly satisfying about it. Granted, there are a lot of obnoxious and uncomfortable romantic scenes, but that’s not what you watch it for. You watch it for the way it makes you think completely differently about time and reality. It’s seriously really, really cool. And the ending is the best thing I’ve ever seen.


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